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New Installation Shower Head Faucet

Plumbing Accessories:                              $80.00/Hr.


With technological advancement, plumbing is now fun and exciting with continent and aesthetically pleasing accessories!  For example, why not install and water fall hand-held shower head (as seen in the picture to the left) for more relaxing bathing experience, or for those individuals in your home with a physical disability.  Other accessories include, but are not limited to: LED Faucets, Bidet, Handicap Toilets, etc.

* Additional charges may apply for accessories or other                                             materials. 

Rodding Out Sewer Line with Clean-Out

Plumbing Repairs/Services:

Drain Service - $80.00/Hr.

  • Kitchen Sink
  • Lavatory Faucet
  • Washing Machine Drain
  • Bath Tub Drain
  • Toilet

Sewer Service - Prices Vary

  • Sewer with Clean-Out $100.00/Hr.
  • Sewer without Clean-Out $125.00/Hr.
  • Sewer for Roof Access - $150.00/Hr.

General Plumbing Repairs - $80.00/Hr.

New Installation Water Heater

New Installation:

Water Heater  - Prices Vary

  • 30 - 40 Gallon Gas/Electric - $850.0050 
  • 50+ Gallon Gas/Electric - $1,000.00

General New Installation - $80.00/Hr.

* Additional charges may apply for accessories or other                                             materials.